How to define MIDI knob increment-values while using a Behringer CMD DC-1?

I'm having a huuuuuge problem with knob increment-values. I've selected "Value Scaling" from the Midi config window in Live's preferences and this does not have the desired effect that I am looking for.

For instance:
If I place the DJ Master Channel audio plug-in on any given track, click MIDI, select "Filter Cutoff" as my desired parameter and then turn the desired knob, everything assigns fine. I leave the range as the preset 0 to 127 value and attempt to get on with twiddling some blasted knobs. 

HOWEVER. When I turn the knob even slightly to the left (towards zero) it immediately jumps all the way down to zero. Its almost as if the CC message is being read as an on/off switch.

Not only that, but if I try to turn the filter back up to the right (towards 127) it seems as thought I'm moving at a value of 1:1, as it takes roughly 14 full rotations to get the filter back up to 127 (or "off," so to speak.) This is how I know that the CC message is not actually being interpreted as an on/off value. 

I didn't have this problem AT ALL with my LPD8 - which is surprising as that thing seemed like a toy compared to the CMD DC-1, at least at a glance.

Basically, how can I change or edit the increment values of my controller within Live? Is there a way, or am I going to have to go in and manually configure something in the App-Resources>MIDI Remote Scripts where my CMD DC-1 folder is installed to? Should I just remove this folder/script all-together? 

Please help. I've had this thing for a couple of weeks now and its seriously put a halt to all productivity. I'm tempted to throw in the towel and buy another crappy little LPD8. 

(FYI: I'm running a 2011 Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion (10.8.5) installed as the OS.)

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    I have the same problem with a traktor F1 controller and ableton.


    "Middle" position on the rotaries is set to "midi value 37" in live, and after the middle point, there is a sudden jump to 127 (not in one go, but very fast numbers). "midi value 64" is at the 3 o` clock mark on the controller.

    Hope to get some answers, and I hope you feel this relates to your problem aswell.

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