How to deal with sends when merging projects

I am putting together a new live performance playing my ableton songs. The way I want to do it is merging several songs onto one main ableton project.
Each song is a group of tracks separated on scences. So all I need to do is open up the performance project and drag & drop the songs to it. This is very useful but return tracks aren't copied when I do that. So, even if I create all the needed return tracks on the main project, it would put the send value on the wrong pot... because (for instance) "A" pot on the original project send to a different return track that the one on the main project :/

So, has somebody any idea about how to deal with this?

Thank you!


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    Unless you are using all the same exact send and return channels for all of your songs and your "Live performance" set this can be tricky. Having a standard Template set can help with this in the future. But converting your productions to be "playable" Live can be a tricky task. Now consider this:

    Do you really need to have all the sends and returns in your live performance?

    Are you going to be manipulating all these sends Live?

    If no, then simply make a stem mix and render your return channels into your tracks. For example I usually make four stems from my songs to play live (Drums, Bass, Leads, Vox/FX). When I make my drum stem I solo all of my drum tracks and then Export Audio as .WAV which then adds all of the sends to the stem track. Then when I have all four stems into my live set. I duplicate them for as many variations as the individual track has then crop and loop that specific part so I am free to change the arrangement of my song as I need.

    Now if you do intend on manipulating the sends during your Live performance. I would recommend deciding on the common things you would like to send during your set and then doing the stem mixes I mentioned previously but muting the return tracks so your stems are "dry". Then you would place the dry stems into your Live set and then you can create and manipulate the sends as you please.

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