How to Create the First new midi clip on a track with push2?

ok, I'm swallowing my pride and asking this ridiculously noob question.....

So I add a new midi Track (using Push2) and then I simply want to create a New Clip in that Track (also using Push2) but the NEW button is never lit until AFTER I create a clip with my mouse or a hotkey O.o  Then the NEW button is lit up - but it's always disabled until after that first initial clip.


I know I can use session mode but that breaks workflow to leave Note mode go to Session, create the clip, go back to Note mode.  I want to stay in note mode.


Michelle911 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • bubbleandsquawk
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    If you want to momentarily move to session to launch the scene you can hit shift+session. It will snap back to wherever you left off when you release. Not quite the solution you're after but will save you a couple of button presses.

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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