How to create drum samples

Im a beginner and i only use the drum samples in ableton or download other drum samples from the internet. but how do professional artists make their own unique drum samples? do they just simply layer or eq original drum sounds, or do they 'make' their own?

if they create them, how do you make 'your' own?

if they just layer and eq original drum sounds, any tips to make it sound unique and professional?


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    This is a question with many answers, and it takes a long time to get the hang of it.
    But to get you started, here are some options:
    - sample drums from synths, drum machines, existing tracks, etc.
    - use a drum machine and adjust parameters to create your own.
    - layer several parts to make a new drum: for example: use a short and high click sound for the attack, add a low bass thump for the body, and use eq and compression, etc.

    The last option is usually the best way to create something unique, but all that counts in the end is the final result: so whatever way you use, it does not really matter as long as you get the sound you are after.

    Try looking for some tutorials (youtube) on drum layering or something similar. There are many many ways to get the result you are after and there are no real rules: find the way that suits you best!

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