How to control the crossfader with Push?

Hello to all.

For some unknown reason I cannot find out how to control the crossfader. The APC 40 has a special encoder for this function. As far as my experience goes, it is not on the Push. This is rather strange I think. There is no control visible in the display for this function in the mastertrack. Only volume and pan can be found in the display. The only way I found to control the crossfader is in the "usermode" and midi map an encoder, or by using the mouse (!) But these cannot be the ultimate way for controlling the crossfader I believe. I searched the manual, the help section and also the forum section but could not find any answers.

Am I missing something? Maybe a blind spot in my limited controlling skills?

I would be very pleased is someone can help me out of this stalemate.

With regards,





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    Stalemate? I think you mean checkmate sucka, not a move, game's over.

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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