how to control komplete 7 plugins in ableton live 8.2 with a controler ??

when im trying to use kore or reactor in ableton i have to load it to a midi and then it doesnt alove me to control the knobs and pads with a controler which in my case is akai mpk mini , lpd8 , korg nanokontrol  anybody any suggestion ?? thank u  


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    For any plugin, if you want to use Live's quick MIDI Mapping feature, you need to go to that plugin's device in the device chain, and click on "Configure." The device will turn green, and any controllable parameter that gets moved will show up on the device - so take the mouse and move the knob you're interested in, and it'll show up on the device. Exit Configure mode and turn on MIDI Mapping mode, and you'll see you can assign your MIDI controller to it.

    There's a catch to this - this only works for plugin parameters whose values are exposed to the host application. If a plugin has some parameter it doesn't expose, and several of them do, there's no way for Live to set its value. Only the plugin can do that. In this case, this technique won't work.

    The other thing you can do, if your plugin responds to MIDI CC or a similar control mechanism, is to send those values into the MIDI track, either through clip automation or straight from a controller.

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