How to change the clip's tempo in Arrangement View -> Clip View -> Note Box -> Orig.BPM?

Hi everyone,

I have recorded  MIDI clip in Arrangement View. In the Clip View there is a small box (Orig.BPM) in the Note Box section. Orig.BPM shows the value of 120 although the project's tempo has been set to 128.

I have changed the tempo manually to 128 in Orig.BPM for every MIDI clip in the project. That came along with unnecessary headaches (changed note position, length, start and stop message position). Its all corrected and saved.


When opening the same project in the morning I have found that Orig.BPM has gone back to 120 for every MIDI clip in the project.

Is there reasonable explanaition for this kind of behaviour in Live (8.2.2.)?



TekTrip 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Amitsegall
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    while recording even in Arrangement view the original tempo should show the current tempo of the set. i even tried it especially for you answer and in my live (8.2.2) everything is just fine... sounds like you are having problems with the set... try recording midi after changing the tempo in a new project . it should be ok. 

    6 years ago | 2 comments

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