How to apply swing to different channels of a drum rack?

Is there a way to apply swing to different channels of a drum rack? For instance, I might want to apply swing to hats or a ide, but not the kick.

If not, what's the next best alternative? 


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  • Mark One
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    Or you can expand (unfold) the drum track as described above and then right click in the header of the drum part you want to separate and select 'Extract Chains'. This will place the separate MIDI part and associated instrument and effects on a separate track to which you can add your groove.



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  • garyboozy
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    unfold the Drum Rack by clicking the little arrow next to the track title, and drag each drum's track header to a blank slot to the right (session view) or down (arrange view). a new track will be created with a new midi clip containing only that midi note. then you can apply a separate groove to it.

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