How to adjust audio tracks so that I can hear the input of my new MIDI track

I'm using Live 8, which apparently doesn't have a "Group Track" feature. But here's my dilemma.

I've created a mix of six vocal and instrument audio tracks plus one MIDI drum track, and adjusted the volumes to my taste. Now I'd like to add a MIDI piano track, but even after maximizing the volume of the new track, I can't hear it over the other instruments.

Do I just make a note of my current dB settings and then reduce every track's volume until I can hear the piano?

Or is there a better way?


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    Hi there, 

    This is a quite common question when people start making music with Live, and the answer to it highly depends on the type of music you are making ( or how complex your sets tend to be ). 

    On my machine I saved a template set, where every track is set to -12dB, except for the master, which should always remain at 0 dB.  In most cases setting tracks to -6 dB should also do the trick already. 

    In case this renders your output volume too quiet, we recommend increasing the volume on your audio interface, your speakers or your headphones, so raise the monitor volume and not the volume in Live. 

    This way you will have more headroom in Live to amplify a particular track. 

    Hope this helps, 


    3 years ago | 2 comments

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