How the heck do I get latency issues with this system.

Ok, first I do realize that if I have 15 tracks of a VST synth running with effects processing on each track that is bound to create some latency issues:

I do have a pretty hefty set built, but I really don't think its even bordering on unreasonable for my system and I think its BS that I'm getting latency issues. I'm about [ ] that close to going back to Cubase.

My computer:
ASUS Z77V Deluxe MBoard
Intel i7 3770k
16GB Ram
522GB SSD HD for OS and Apps
750 GB 7200rpm HD for recording
750 GB 7200rpm HD for sample playback
Nice graphics card with 1GB dedicated RAM
Quality 750W Power Supply
MOTU 828MKII (Firewire)
(Windows optimization set... Ie. fancy graphic crap and background apps off, power set for performance... Yahda yahda yahda)
I even disabled most of my ins and outs and only have it set to 48khz.

Ok so without getting any further into specs, it's bullshit that after conducting the Live setup for audio, that I would need to have the buffer set to 512 to avoid dropouts. But following the set up where you use the test tone and set max CPU to 80%, my clicks and pops don't vanish until I have it set to 512. That's BS. I should easily be able to run at 128.

I know people complain about latency in Ableton, but is it REALLY THIS bad?!


CJ80 4 years ago | 0 comments

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