How looping live in a djset?


i want to setup loop during a djset, and i need the song restart to same point when i turn off my loop.

i've seen that each clip have loop controls:

  • on/off
  • set position
  • set duration

this would be perfect but if i map them with computer keyboard i will change all clips control (loop on/off, position, ...)

somebody has a good solution for me??




eliawk 7 years ago | 0 comments

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  • gncgry
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    Hi, you can map midi controls to these, though the downside is the clip must be selected to apply. so things can get messy if you're at the wrong clip. 

    try sending the tracks to an aux track and place a looper there. so when you want to loop, use the sends to route the audio into that bus, then record with the looper.

    rest is for you to experiment =)

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  • freddyfrogs Ableton Certified Trainer
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    Looper is by far your best option here but if you capture a loop and start manipulating it (i.e. beat repeat, delays, freq shifter etc...) then the original signal carries on playing in the background so when you come back to the original, the content might be well different from what you had captured...

    I hope this makes sense



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  • mycrotom
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    everthing works good what you write here.

    i have another loop problem you maybe can help me with. i try to discribe it. but i hope my german is english enough to understand.


    Multitrack Playback for a band backtrack playing in scene mode

    now i want to loop the master signal.

    i try it with the normal looper 4bars or 8bars.

    because i want to control it without my hands on the laptop.

    i want to start the loop with a midi note by a drumpad.

    Works good...

    but if the looper goes in playback mode.

    the background tracks still play. ?? can someone follow me ?

    they should also play in loop. because when a jam part is over we can go further in the song.



    6 years ago | 1 comment

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