How ..does RECORD F9 work ? or DOES it Work at all ??

I was hoping to start RECORDING with one key stroke ...

But the Key shortcut F9 does nothing at all ..

What am i missing... if i click the REC button it al works but pushing F9 does absolutely nothing ..


I think i have missed something .. ??


Thnx in advance



MAC os mavericks 


CB Adams 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • CB Adams
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    I know its late  joshuagoran but THNX !! 

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  • joshuagoran
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    It's possible that it doesn't work due to a Mac default assignment to that key (on my MacBook it is assigned to fast-forward or track skip for things like iTunes).

    An easy way to assign single keys to ANYTHING is to use the "KEY" function on the top right of your Live window, click the Record button, then press the key you want to assign, then toggle the "KEY" mode off again. You can assign just about any function to just about any key.

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