how does one start a clip before downbeat?

for example if the clip starts with a vocal pick up on beat 4, before the downbeat of beat 1? and then still have the clip play in time


gallmeier 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Warrior Bob
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    To add to Carlosnik's answer, the way I deal with this is to move the start marker to the appropriate universal quantization interval before the downbeat, and then I trigger the clip early.

    So in your case with a vocal pickup one quarter note before the downbeat, if my universal quant is 1 bar,  I'd put the start marker one bar before the downbeat.

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  • Carlosnik
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    Have you thought of the START Position in Midi and Audio Clips?


    Beside any Midi / Audio Clip, you have the Start Position, where you will find, Bar - Beat counters, or you can manually move to the desired Position.

    Take a Look to the LOOP Bars counter, you will probably see that when you move the Start position, your loop will move too.  In order to evade that, you can move the Loop Marker to the normal position, while you choose where to start your Clip with the Start Marker.

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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