How do you save a "you can't save during trial" project after purchasing Live 9?

I'm unable to find any info about how to save that unsavable project after purchase?

What's weird is that this doesn't seem like it would be a rare case. It seems to be the core Ableton sales funnel = hook you on the trial where you can't save projects after 30 days -> encouraging you to go buy the license so you can save songs...

...but there seems no way to save that project, nor any info about how to do that?

I see in one thread there is an (unexpected) requirement to go download yet another version of Live even though it's already installed. But still doesn't answer how to save that other project.

Very unexpected experience.

(Tried to ask this in what looked like similar threads, but noticed that they aren't the right threads when shown on the Answers front page.) Thanks!


fiverevolutions 11 months ago | 0 comments

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