How do you remix a song?

I have seen people on youtube putting videos of them remixing songs. But on user 1 mod does any one know how to do that if you do please help.




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    user 1? On what? A Launchpad? Just work in Live for now.

    To do a remix first you need to get the stems. Easiest way is to join a competition. Then you need to get them all warped, see my website for tutorials, especially the two warping ones. Line them up so it all sounds the same as the original. The decide what you want to keep and shift the rest out of the way. Add your own stuff, maybe get the midi worked out for the main melody and play it on something else, and you're off. Also check the tutorial moving a song from Arrange to Session, as you are gonna want to do that to some extent, and work in Session and Arrange at the same time.


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