How do you loop clips?

I've been messing with Ableton 9 Lite for a while, and what I really want is to be able to play pitched samples with a MIDI keyboard and have them loop until I release the key. Unfortunately, Even when I turn on the Warp function, the Loop button doesn't seem to do anything. It doesn't even change color when I press it, and it doesn't loop my sample or give me any parameters to loop it with. I can't figure this out from the manual, can any of you help me? Is it just because I'm using Ableton Lite? Thanks in advance.


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  • hilker
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    Insert a MIDI track, make sure it's armed, then drop a Simpler device into it. Then drop the sample you want to play into the Simpler. Make sure Simpler is in Classic mode, not 1-Shot or Slice, and that the Loop button is on.

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