How do you import an audio cd into Live?

I'm trying to import a CD into a live set.


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  • ShelLuser
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    Colasblue; you talk a lot of nonsense.

    Live is fully Windows capable, you can easily drag & drop audio files right from the Windows Explorer into Live without hassle. Arrangement view, Session view, makes no difference. Of course you can also use one of the Live browsers, but this is not a requirement.

    If your Live is set fullscreen its because you set it there. Probably by hitting function keys without knowing what they did. Hit F11 and Live won't appear full screen anymore but windowed instead.

    I suggest reading the Live manual. This can even be done from within the program by going to the Help menu and select the option "Read the Live manual".


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  • aemedia
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    A recent user, my first week..I hoping I could simply lift audio straight from the CD.   No can do.   I think that's part of the question, so since  product documentation rarely mention their in-capabilities (EG: LIVE can't automatically manipulate CD audio files) I think the question should be redirected back to a part of the manual that is relevant. thus:



    A:  Ableton can't reference CD audio files directly, they must first be converted to one of the se formats(mp3,aiff etc).  Once you've converted the files to these formats using something like iTunes, then follow the directions on accessing your samples as usual.


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  • Warrior Bob
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    I would first import the CD to audio files using your favorite CD ripping tool (I use iTunes which is not uncommon but there are many others). Make sure to select an appropriate filetype -  for audio editing you're probably going to want to use .WAV or .AIFF since they don't trade quality for compactness.

    Since you have to spend time ripping (and probably warping) the file, you aren't likely to be doing this in realtime, so using an external program doesn't hurt the workflow much.

    Once it's ripped to an audio file of some kind, drag that file into Session or Arrangement view from the Live Browser. 

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  • Near Earth Object
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    @Colasblue: there really is no need to get agressive simply because you apparently have been looking at the wrong tutorials AND don't want to take the time to actually read the manual.

    But to get you on your way; after you've ripped the audio, I suppose you put the files in a folder where they can be accessed.
    On the left top of Live's user interface there are different browser-buttons for Live instruments and effects, third party plugins and...... YES, 3 whole buttons for custom folder browsing.
    Open one, browse to the folder that holds your audio and simply drag it to the slot or position you want. And guess what; that is also possible from f.i. the desktop. Just drag and drop! I think that is also explained in one of the first chapters of the manual.

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  • SonnySoul
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    Does anyone know how this is done on a Mac? 

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    Ok lets assume I'VE ACTUALLY DONE THAT!

    how do i get the F***king thing into Ableton?

    Now let's assume shall we that I'm using a PC not a Crapintosh and the normal PC mechanism CTRLC and CTRLV don't seem to be able to do it in one hit.

    Now so far everything I've looked at on the web is a load of totally unhelpful arse.

    It's an EASY question

    Get CD rip into 1-audio HOW?



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  • Colasblue
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    OK sorry yes i was a bit stressed - I'd only been trying to do it for several hours.

    For Future reference the correct answer for anyone used to WINDOZE is:

    1) for some but not all filing operations Ableton uses a completely different filing system GUI from any normal windows program because it's migrated from the Macintosh platorm.  You need to understand this before you even try to follow the instructions because if you follow them assuming they're written in terms of how windows normally works you'll rapidly end up with no hair!

    2) To actually turn this filing system GUI on you hit the main menu bar, select view, then the browser popout then tick show and at least one of "files 1, 2 or 3".  This then switches ona little sub window on the LHS of the ableton desktop showing various directories within the ableton main directory.  I created a new one which for the purposes of this excercise can be called Fred.

    3) Ableton won't window in windows (ironic isn't it!) you can only have max, min or full screen so I've no idea id files can be dragged and dropped directly into Fred from the windows desktop dince my workstation has only one screen and Ableton insists on using all of it or none of it.  I therefore select minimise and find Fred using windows explorer and copy my cd rip into it.

    4) Then bring ableton back to Max and lo and behold the cd rip is now shown inside Fred in the file GUI on the left of the ableton desktop.

    5) From there I can indeed drag it into 1-audio and drop it.

    You now fully understand the problem and exactly why this question has been asked many times before without satisfactory answer.  I'm a PC user and dont expect to (have to) find or even undestand how to use a macintosh file GUI!





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