How do you get Axiom Pro 49 to work with Sylenth + other 3rd party plugins in Ableton?

Hey Guys, 

I got an Axiom Pro, and i am trying to use it in ableton, im still learning how to use it. My problem is, it works fine for Ableton's Native plugins, but it will not work for 3rd party plugins.. Although it did work before, just once, i use Sylenth more than anything and it did work fine with that, i mapped all the knobs and faders and everything. 

But as soon as i changed settings in midi sync in ableton to use the hypercontrols so i could use Abletons mixer ect with my Axiom, my Axiom is unresponsive for sylenth and other 3rd party plugins, and when sometimes (because its random) that i can get sylenth to midi learn something i can only do this for one or two knobs or faders, its so frustrating. 

Maybe i have set up the midi sync options in ableton incorrectly, but i am not sure. Is there a way i can use my Axiom Pro with ableton's normal mixer functions but also with 3rd party plugins like Sylenth? 

If anyone out there could help me it would be great, because im lost. 



Shane Collins 5 years ago | 0 comments

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