How do you delete subfolders or individual files within a Pack?

I have a number of Packs installed that contain subfolders I don't want and I can't seem to delete them...or maybe there's a reason I can't/shouldn't?
For example, a Pack in the browser might contain something like an Audio Effects subfolder (I want this) as well as Clips and Samples folders (don't want these).
I'm really only interested in Instruments + Devices/Effects...I don't want all the clips that come with a lot of these Packs because I'm not interested in someone else's loops, presets, samples, etc. I just want the tools from these Packs. 
My Categories/Clips folder already has 1000s of .alc clips in it just as a result of downloading packs and I want to clean this out.
I can delete @ the Pack folder level but I obviously don't want to delete everything.
I can't delete subfolders or, for example, individual .alc clip files within a Pack. Why not?
I know I can use Manage Files to delete unwanted files from my User Library but all these .alc clips aren't showing up there. Nor can I even seem to drag them there + have them appear (to then be deleted). Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks


cfrederick 2 years ago | 0 comments

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