How do you add an instrument to a track with Push?

I have a track where I deleted the instrument on it, and now I want to add another.  But this doesn't seem possible with Push.  Pressing browse only allows me to browse presets for the MIDI and Audio effects that are on the track, but I can't browse for an instrument.  What am I missing here?


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    Apart from in grouped, return & master tracks - Ableton will always expect some sort of sound generating device (i.e. instrument) in the first slot of your chain. So if you've accidentally deleted that instrument, make sure the far left device is selected on the 'Device' page (on the Push), and then press 'Shift' & 'Add Effect' at the same time (I know you're adding an instrument but trust me !) and it should show up a list of instruments to you to add to that channel.

    As an extra note, once you *do* have an instrument on the channel, if the device is then selected and you then press 'Shift' & 'Add Effect' at the same time it'll add midi effects to the instrument (e.g. chord, arpeggiator etc.)

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