How do I retain original clip volume in Sampler/Simpler using a consolidated clip?

I was trying to do this basic tape stop effect tutorial and I ran into a problem with getting the Sampler to play the consolidated clip at the original volume.

I have followed instructions pertaining to the global volume and velocity and can get audio files to play in Sampler at the original volume, but not when the clip has been consolidated.

I have observed that following consolidation the clip gain is adjusted. In the clip I was working on, the clip gain went from 0db to -19.8db. I'm assuming this is alluded to in the manual where it says "the new sample incorporates the effects of in-clip attenuation," but I don't really comprehend what's taking place, especially since the consolidated clip will play back at the original volume inside the original track, even though the clip gain has been dramatically adjusted.

When the consolidated clip is placed into the Sampler (with the appropriate Sampler settings) it will play back the Sample at a different volume. In my example, it's playing the sample 19.8db louder than the original.

I can obviously compensate for the discrepancy manually, but why is this happening? In the YouTube tutorial, the user simply consolidates, drags the clip into the Sampler and plays it back at the original volume. Perhaps something's changed since this video was made (2011) or there's something about my setup I'm missing.



Kyooks 1 year ago | 0 comments

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