how do i use the GeneralMIDI functionality on my yamaha psr 275

i am using ableton 9 suite along with a roland ua-22 duo capture ex  interface 

i have connected to midi out on my yamaha psr 275 to the midi in on my interface

also the out line of my keyboard to the 1st input on my interface

some of the issues i have are : 

1) in 'preferences'  under 'midi sync' the name of my keyboard does not show up but the interface name does . (this my be a trivial issue, so please excuse ) so i have selected the track and sync options for both the in and out for my interface


2)i use the 'external instrument ' plugin and after i set the ins and outs appropriately,the midi track in and out lights blink or stay on 

also the ext sync lights also blink when my midi is connected.
plus whenever i disconnect the midi chord connecting my keyboard and my interface a message pops up on ableton saying "the midi clock is disconnected" 
and i can hear the notes i play on the keyboard on my speakers

3)my keyboard has something called the 'pc mode' 

wenever i switch on this pc mode i stop hearing the notes i play through the output speakers ..... the midi signals however keep coming irrespective of this pc mode being on or off

but how do i now manipulate these midi signals
and play other synth sounds on my keyboard by loading them on ableton . by this i mean when i play the keys on my keyboard how do i play a select synth effect that i hav e put on ableton ( my keyboard is an old oneand doesnt have any efffects on its own that i would want to use ) .

also will i need another midi cable to connect the midi in on my keyboard to the midi out of my interface ?? 


PS. i am a beginner so please bare with me  , any help would be great .. 


deanvain 3 years ago | 0 comments

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