How Do I Use The External Audio Effect Device

Hello fellow Ableton users,

Does anyone know how to use the external audio effect device with the Line 6 Pod X3 ? I've done it before and it worked. But that may have been luck because I can't get it to work this time. Here's my setup: Steinberg UR44 interface and the Pod X3 Live. I'm trying to use a modulation effect in the Pod that Ableton doesn't have. Thanks for any help.


Jimi VanHendrix 1 year ago | 0 comments

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    - Load external audio effect plugin on the channel you want to use it on.
    - set the plugin output to the channels on your audio interface that are connected to the Line 6.
    - output of line 6 go back into your audio interface.
    - set the input on the external instrument plugin to the channel of your audio interface. These are the channels that receive the input from the Line 6.

    Now you should be able to use the effects of the line 6 on your channel.

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