How do I use the computer keyboard and my MIDI instrument simultaneously as controllers for separate MIDI tracks?

I want to use a Novation Launchpad to control one instrument, while using my computer keyboard to control another and record simultaneously. Is this possible with Live 8?

Also, can I arm two separate MIDI tracks and assign different controllers to them?




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    to arm two or more MIDI Tracks simultaneously, use Cmd+Click when activating the Arm button.


    You can define a specific input device and/or channel in the I/O section of the Mixer (if you don't see it, bring it up by hitting the IO button in the lower right corner of the workspace). The default selection under "MIDI From" is "All Ins", but you can select the Launchpad for Track 1 and the computer keyboard for Track 2 (for example).


    Hope this helps!

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