How do I stop an arpeggiator in a clip upon pressing stop elsewhere in the same track?

I'm having trouble getting an arpeggiator stop playing. What settings do I need to be wary of to not have the arpeggiator continue sending midi when a stop button in the same track is pressed? Any other (useful) way of silencing the track when launching clips?


stefski 6 years ago | 1 comment

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  • Mark One
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    Having checked out your settings there is no obvious reason why this is happening. Perhaps you have a delay also on this track, maybe within an instrument you are using. If you cannot solve the problem perhaps you could take a few screen shots of the rack, track and MIDI clips you are using... this will help me to solve the problem.


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  • Carlosnik
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    Are you sure the Arpeggiator function HOLD is not ON?


    If you are using the Hold Option as part of a performance or a Recording Track, you should Map or Take a Look to the Automation within a Clip or in the Arrangement view in order to turn it off.


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  • stefski
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    Hey Carlos, thanks for taking your time to reply. Hold was the first thing I was looking for. It is set to off.

    It appears that what the clip wants to do - or the arpeggiator device - is to send a 'tail' of midi through the rest of the device chain.

    Arpeggiator settings:

    Style: Pinky Up

    Groove: Straigh

    Offset: 0

    Hold: Off

    Sync: On

    Rate: 1/24

    Gate: 94%

    Retrigger: Beat - 3/8, Repeats - Inf

    Transpose: Shuft

    Key: C

    Steps: 1

    Distance: +12st

    Velocity: On

    Retrigger: Off

    Decay: 26.3 ms

    Target: 84

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  • stefski
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    Can anybody please help me explain how to get a clip arpeggiated like above to go silent (apart from say, the reverb tail) when launching the next scene? It just keeps playing a couple of steps well into the next scene , where I tried placing a stop button.

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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