How do I split external samples so I am only collecting the clips I want to use?

Live provides the option to 'collect' external audio samples and import them into the current set, however I'm working with extremely large live drum takes (3.5GB) and I'm finding that editing the clips used within the set is causing Live to crash.

Is there a way to only collect the clips that you are using and not the many hours worth of drum takes that the clips are taken from?

Please help!


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    Live only saves the full recordings because that is what you load into the project.

    If you load a very long piece of audio, and then only use a small part/loop to play, the rest of that audio is still there inside the project: if you look at it in the clip editing window, you will see that the full sample is there, but only the part you are playing or looping is highlighted.

    To change this, you have to select the part you want to use, set a start- and end-marker and then right-click and use the "crop" function.

    This will cut away the rest of the audio sample so you will only have the parts you are using left.

    After that, make sure you remove the full length sample from your set, and save it.

    Live will now only save the part you need.



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