How do I specify when MIDI loop has to stop

I'm a newbie in the wonderful program called Ableton. I'm having troubles with one of my songs, I'm confused how you get a MIDI loop in a track to stop; without having to change the scene.



My track has a MIDI loop on it, I want it to stop at a certain time, how?


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    If you want a loop to stop at a particular, absolute time in the set, then you would have to record it into the arrangement view.

    If on the other hand, you simply want it to loop a certain number of times and then stop, you can set this in the "Clip View" Launch parameters (press the little "L" in the bottom-left corner of the clip view to show this).

    The thing you will want to adjust to set this up is the "Follow Action", where you set the number of times that the loop runs for, and in the drop-down list underneath this, simply select "Stop" as the Follow Action.


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