How do I setup my Library?

I am trying to access some presets but I there are no presets available. I think my Library is broken.

How can I set it up?


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  • nebulae
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    If you can't see any presets, it's possible that Live is looking in the wrong place. In your Live preferences, you can set where the Library is, and then Live will either repair and/or update the Library. 

    Typically, Live installs with all the presets. When you fire up Live after installing, it will go through some livepacks that came witn the install, and they will update your Library. Worst case scenario, you can create a new Library, and all those livepacks will install into and create a new library for you.

    You might also consider deleting your Live Preferences (Preferences.cfg) file to see if that solves your problem. See

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  • dcocharro
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    I just found these great tutorials recently, check them in this order.

    they should give a good insight in library management good practices, how to organize presets, devices, instruments, etc.

    Credits to Jon Margulies (Hobotech)

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  • Hermanus
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    on windows, ableton live always put library by default in 

    C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Documents\Ableton


    Moving it directly to C:\Ableton is best for access within live

    Do it in live preferences, repair and modify its location

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  • dcocharro
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    I found another approach in library management for those who like to keep their custom presets, instruments, sounds, etc inside ableton library, but at the same time keep control of their own stuff.

    This approach will allow you to have all your stuff inside ableton library and at the same  time keep a backup copy in a external folder only of your custom presets/instruments.

    The idea is simple and to accomplish that you need a file/folder sync software, for instance:

    This software will allow you to sync a source folder to a destination folder.

    The idea is to filter all the files/folders that have not been customized by user, and copy them to a external folder. There are 2 methods to accomplish this:

    > Method 1 (include):

    In method 1 you should create folders inside ableton library to save all your presets with a recognizable TAG in their name AND/OR name your presets/files with a TAG also. For example:

    • _my reverbs
    • _my instruments
    • _my rack fx
    • _my operator
    • _my sounds
    • _johndoe reverb.adv
    • _johndoe favorite_fx.adg

    and so on...

    What are the recognizable tags here? It's the word "_my" and "_johndoe".

    Inside GoodSync software (you only need to do this once):

    1. Setup source folder (ex: /users/johndoe/library/application support/ableton/library)
    2. Setup destination folder (ex: /users/johndoe/documents/backup)
    3. Setup include Filter, here you will add the following lines:
    • _my*
    • _johndoe*

    With everything properly right in the setup and your files/folders well named (tagged) the software will filter in the analysis anything that doesn't start with "_my" or "_johndoe".

    Then will copy only your tagged files/folders to the destination folder, preserving the folder structure inside the library.

    > Method 2 (exclude):

    In method 2 you should setup a different filter. This one should exclude files/folders prior to a modification date. Lets say that this date should be something around the day you installed Ableton Live in your computer. For instance:

    • Ableton Live Installation day in 2011/5/31
    • Filter date 2011/6/1

    In GoodSync software the filter should look something like this:

    • any time<2011/6/1

    With the filter properly written it should copy to your destination folder only the files/folders with modification date after 2011/6/1.

    One advantage is that you shouldn't need to tag files/folders names.

    > Final Thoughts:

    I think method 1 is more reliable.

    In method 2 I'm not sure how this will behave when you update/repair Ableton Live Library.

    You could try also a combination of method 1 and 2.

    I came to this library management approach very recently, so I'm fresh in this also, I will appreciate a lot your feedback/experience.

    Check the user manual of your software of choice for files/folders sync. Each one have a lot of different features and rules to setup filters.


    Best wishes



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  • Blade Kleaver 7
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    the software I bought came with Operator, Oscillator, and analog amongst many more but I can't find for the life of me find them. Please me it would be so much appreciated plus I don't 100 bucks for each program and thats why I bout just about the most expensive one.     thank you, kyle macadaeg


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  • Tone Deft
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    do not mess with the Library, only let Live set it  up.  you probably need to look under Instrument Racks, Drum Racks or Audio Racks to find the content you're after.  what are you seeking?


    if you think you're missing a component go to options-preferences-Library-Repair Library.  this tells Live to call home and download what's missing.  it can sometimes take a few hours depending on what you're missing.

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