How do I set up a Logidy UMI3 Parametric USB MIDI Foot Controller to start a scene in the Master track view as well as move to another scene and end scene? I am having trouble with MIDI Mapping.

I would like to MIDI Map my Logidy UMI3 Parametric USB MIDI Foot Controller so I can start a scene, start other scenes after playing the intro scene, then stop.  I would also like to do tap tempo and/or nudge while playing along with a live band.  Thank you for your time in this matter.


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    You have 3 assignable parameters. Using their software you can expand that a little. Install their driver, go into preferences and make sure the controller is enabled. Also make sure "Select Next scene on launch" is enabled. Hit the MIDI map mode button. Click a parameter you want to assign, then tap one of the tappers.

    Make #1 scene launch

    Make #2 Stop all Clips

    Make #3 Tap Tempo

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