How do i save songs as i play them on the launchpad?

I know how to save individual sets i put on the board. like individual clips that i can put back up. I would like to know how to record and save songs that i put together while im playing the music that i made with the clips i saved on the launchpad that can be pulled up.


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  • xavbrooke
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    Hit the record button on the transport bar at the top of the session view window before you start launching any clips.  Play your song through and hit stop.  As if by magic, your song will have appeared in arrangement view (hit the tab button to see it, and tab to get back to session view), where you can fiddle around with it - so you can get teh mix just right, just like in a traditional DAW - and you can export the song as a wav from arrangement view too, so you can share it with the world :o)

    If you save your live set at this point, it will save your clips in session view, but also the song you've made in the arrangement view. 

    Have a look at some tutorial vids on recording from session to arrangement views.  Ableton's own vid is a great place to start:

    The beauty of Ableton is that whilst listening to the song in arrangement view, you can remix it on the fly using your launchpad.

    I have to say that Ableton's 'Getting Started' vids are brilliant and only scratch teh surface of what you can do with Ableton (especially armed with a Launchpad, some creativity and a bit of time).  The other vids are here - definately worth spending a few minutes watching them if you want to get the most out of your launchpad:

    There are loads more helpful vids on youtube. I also recommend the Live manual (surprisingly user-friendly) , along with the built-in tutorials in Live itself.

    Hope that answered your question - sorry if I answered something completely different or gave you info that you already know



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  • MAEgilli
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    When I hit the record button and I am playing my samples on launchpad s and later hit to stop button. Tried to play it and I couldnt hear anything. I can see it recorded my live performance I can see it but I cant play it. I cant hear my live performance when I finished to record it. I hope you can help me asap. Thanks

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  • sabertooth
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    Thank you so much for the information! I was able to easily record and play back my arrangement; I am very happy! :]

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  • mcbpete
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    You see the orange button near to top right of the arrangement view by the time bar (looks like ►≡ ). Click that and the tracks will become un-greyed and you should now be able to hear them play)

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