How do I rewire a whole song composition from Reason 5 to Ableton live and use some of the rack instruments from reason with ableton automation?

I have recently purchased An Akai apc 40 of which came with the Ableton Akai apc lite version of live 8. I have written a heap of songs in Reason5. So from this I am wanting to rewire these compositions to ableton as well as wanting to be able to use some specific reason rack instruments through ableton with the use of the live 8 automation through the akai apc 40. Is what I am trying to achieve possible? Do I need to upgrade to the full version so I have more tracks? Is there a way around this? How can I get my automation to sync up? Apart from using the slave rewire function from reason, do I need to rewire every track and load it as a clip?


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    What you're trying to achieve is possible but a lot depends on the structure of your Reason song. You can easily rewire Live Lite with Reason 5 and use Live to control Reason's devices. However; due to the nature of Lite you only have 8 tracks at your disposal.

    So, you'd only be able to access a maximum of 8 different Reason devices.

    However; if you want the outcome of a whole song to go within Live you can always use Reason's sequencer to play the song after which you simply sample the sound material in one of Live's audio tracks.

    You can easily combine instruments in Reason using a combinator; where the combinator will be used as if it were a single device in Live. Still; it would still be counted against the maximum of 8 tracks.

    Conclusion: what you want is possible within the limits of Ableton Lite. Whether these limits are enough is something I cannot answer without any knowledge about your Reason project.


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