How do I repeat a sample without looping it?

OK, so, in the Arrangement view I have a sample, now I want the sample to play twice then the song moves to drums and whatnot, then I bring it in again... How do I repeat the sample without looping it? I have tried for 2 hours and have been looking at tutorials with no luck... (BTW: I'm running intro if that makes any difference)


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    Is it a Midi or Audio clip? If its MIDI all you have to do is double click the clip and under clip view select loop. and then to the left of that, right under "legato" there should be a button call "Dupl. loop" which will basically duplicate it so it plays twice instead of once. If you dont want it to play twice every time, make sure you duplicate the original clip BEFORE you do all that, and trigger THAT one when you only want it to play once.


    If its audio the only thing I can think of, would be to cut and paste the actual audio, so it plays twice. Hope that helps

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