How do I re-record from the last starting point easily?

I'm giving Live Lite 9 a test drive (bundled with a midi keyboard controller). I'm mostly a Cubase user.

My question is, after I started recording on the Arrangement View and would like to take a new take (e.g. messed up with the guitar), what's the best approach for it? In Cubase I would just hit the 'record' key again and it would start from where I originally recorded.

When I stop recording in Live, at least from what I tried, the song cursor just stayed where I stopped the recording and I had to choose the record starting point all over again.

To sum it up I'm looking for some tips to imrpove record workflow when I lay down some ideas with the guitar and later add midi drums and synths and all of that.

p.s. I'm not doing any comparison between Cubase and Ableton, nor trying to start any flame war, I'm just trying Live to see if it's a better fit for me. Thanks!


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    But this is already the default behavior of Live, the recording behavior you are asking about. Left click on a particular point in the Arrangement View (you should see a blinking orange line on the track you clicked and a small triangle appears below the Scrub Area called the Arrangement Insert Marker. Hit F9 to record. If you want to redo your recording hit F9 again and Live will record from where you started.

    If you just want to Punch In and Out on a particular note, then highlight the specific area hit Ctrl+L to adjust loop braces, turn off loop, turn on Punch In and Out to just redo that particular area.

    Place a Locator if that helps your workflow so you could always come back to that specific part in your arrangement.

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