How do I play a track unique from the audio effects from master

What do I do to make one of my tracks not be affected by the master track


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    if you have an audio interface including multiple output, you can always send the track that you don't want affected by master channel contents, through separated external output( you can find it in I/O section).

    The second way I use is to make a group of all your channels except the one you don't want affected by audio effects in master channel. replace all audio effects from master channel to this new group track ,so all channels get affected by effects but not the channel you don't want. then you have a master channel without effect and you always can make multiple channels in your project without hearing effect as before. 

    I hope to explain it clearly, this method has pros and cons, you might need some of common devices you use in master channel like multi-band compressor to all tracks, then you can drag the device from group channel to master channel again.

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