How do I map the LFO rate in Operator to my Launchpad at regular intervals?

For production this would be very good in dubstep, because of the wobbles, so i was wondering if there was a way to map it in user one where either a row or column would have different rates matching the tempo 2bar-1bar-halfbar-quarterbar etc....


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    You can map a range of buttons on the Launchpad to a single parameter so that each button in the row/column will send an incremental value.  So you will have say, 8 buttons mapped to a single parameter, and each button will send CC values of 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128 respectively.  (Basically equal divisions of MIDI's value range of 128)

    To do this, select the parameter you want to control while in MIDI map mode, and push two buttons that are in the same column or row on the launchpad.  This will map the selected range of buttons to that parameter. 

    To get it right will take some tweaking, because the number of steps in a parameter like LFO rate is probably not exactly 8.  Play with the max/min values in the MIDI mappings window to get your row/column of buttons to sync up with a range of values that you like.

    Additionally, there are other midi controllers out there where you can specify the exact MIDI CC value that each button sends.  This kind of customizability is frustratingly absent from the Launchpad.  With that kind of customizability it is very easy to figure out which CC values correspond  to which steps within parameters like FilterType/LFO Rate/WaveformSelect and map your buttons to switch between them accordingly.

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