How do I map a midicontroller so that it isn't stuck into specific track but instead edits the same settings on a different track depending on which track has Record mode ON?

I have a regular midi-controller with knobs. I've set up a miditrack with Impulse on it, with 8 samples, and mapped the midicontroller's knobs to control that Impulse's decay rate per sample.

I make a beat with it, set the settings as I want them to go, everything's going nice.

I then make a copy of that Impulse, and start playing with that, only to realize that the knobs I'm turning are still controlling Impulse_1 instead of Impulse_2.

How do I use Ableton so that I'm not wrecking the previous beat, but can layer another beat on top of that beat, and edit it's decay settings? This is really confusing to me.

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esaruoho 1 year ago | 0 comments

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