how do i make this sound

hello, im an ableton beginner and i am just starting to get the hang of layering and EQing drums. but it JUST DONT, I JUST, DONT KNOW! how to make the drum sounds from this track!

Flume - More Than You Thought - YouTube

Please help!


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    I gave it a quick listen through once or twice. If you’re that desperate I might be able to spend a couple hours over the weekend and recreate it (to the best of my ability). Here are my initial observations:

    The rattling SFX you hear is vibraslap that's been looped. There’s some ducking going on with the kick.

    The drums @ 0:36 are Toms.

    There's also a sound that is definitely a mallet striking wood. It could be a Temple Block.; although Temple Blocks sound a bit too hollow.

    There’s a gong @ 2:36. I think he used two signals – One completely dry and another one, very wet, through a reverb with an above average decay time; however, it could just be one signal going through a reverb.

    Both the kick and snare are heavily processed with multiple samples layered on top of each other. The principle snare has been pitched up. There’s some definite gate/expander action as well. The kick and, the snare especially, really breathe.

    You won't be able to "make" (synthesize) the drums. You'll have to spend a lot of time looking for the right samples and then process them accordingly.  I have some native Ableton samples of Vibraslaps and wood block hits. However, I do have suite so you may be out of luck (not sure if it’s included in the standard version).


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