How do I make song clips play at their original tempo and not the master tempo?

Some of my friends are having a party in a few days and want me to DJ a few songs.

I can get decent transitions except for the tempo changing... Is there a way that you can make the songs just play at their original tempos instead of going to the master tempo? because it sounds bad when I change the tempo as a song is ending.

I want to be able to just turn the volume down on one song and turn it up on the other and both songs will stay at their own tempo and i dont have to touch the master tempo.



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    Ok I kinda figured it out,

    This is just for anyone who finds this question and wanted to know the answer...

    Rename a scene and name it "128 BPM" and when you launch that scene it will automatically adjust to that tempo!

    I know you can do this without ableton, but being able to do it in ableton allows me to throw in any effects I want =P

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  • Near Earth Object
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    The whole point of dj-mixes is, that the selected tracks are at the same bpm....
    So if you really want to mix, get all tracks at the same bpm by using the warp function. You can even try the master te,po to change the bpm of a track, and all other tracks will be adjusted too.
    If you only want to play different songs at different speeds, there is no need to use Ableton. Just load a playlist in your audio player and hit play.

    If you want to play these tracks with Ableton anyway; load a track and turn off the warp function.
    There are loads of tutorials on this, also on the Ableton website.

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