How do I load tracks onto ableton and then load them on my launchpad?

clips? presets? loops? What do I use?

What do I put it on ableton as? audio?midi?

Then how do I load it in the launchpad.


ebaumgarn365 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • estevan carlos benson
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    Your question may not be too clear and so I'm not positive I can answer it effectively.

    If I understand what you're asking then I think you may still need to review the basics of MIDI, audio, Ableton Live and MIDI controllers.  For example, the Launchpad can not have audio nor MIDI "loaded" on to it.  The Launchpad is called a MIDI controller and all it does is control parameters within Ableton Live.

    Also, you would need to clarify what you mean by "load tracks onto Ableton".  You can drag and drop audio onto an audio track within Ableton.  Also, if you drag and drop audio into Ableton Live where it says, "Drop Files and Devices Here", that will work as well.

    If this isn't clear, I recommend reviewing the basics of MIDI and audio.

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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