how do I keep my session from going "off tempo" or having a slight pause with the click and tracks, which throws the timing off?

I have a very large set. It uses approx 20% of my cpu but this has been an issue, even when the set was a lot smaller. 


Sometimes when I set of a track, the whole track…including the click, will pause for a half second and then start, which throws the whole track back. This only happens if I'm triggering from one scene to another scene. 

Also, I have my bpm and time signature on set on the first clip of each song in the scene. This triggers the "re-enable automation" button. Sometimes if i click that off, it will set the click to the upbeat of the current track playing, which will then off set all my future triggering in that song.


Any help. This has really become a huge annoyance. Thank you 

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jhoze 2 years ago | 0 comments

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