How do I import wav instruments from other programs? (Ableton Live 9 Intro)

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I have a couple of songs that were composed in Guitar Pro but I hate working that program as I am not a guitarist and don't find it very intuitive :D I find Ableton a lot easier to work with, but the guitar sounds are pretty poor. I can easily export the songs as midi from GP and open them with Ableton and play them with the instruments included, but they sound rather crappy. So I wanted to import the sound files from Guitar Pro into Ableton. I used the browser and it found everything, they are in wav format and I can open them and load them onto the track and everything. Only when I play the track (and already when I click on one of the instrument samples to get the preview) it's just white noise. How do I import those instruments properly so that Abelton plays them?

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PhilZeGerman 10 months ago | 0 comments

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