How do I get the lower frequencies of my bass track in mono?

While there is the utility tool for this, I don't want to mono the whole bass track.

I'm guessing sending bass to an EQ3 on a return track, let the LF content through, and then stereo --> mono that, then send to master. Is this how you would do it, or would you keep it all in the same channel?



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  • stuartm
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    You can do it within the channel by using an Audio Effects Rack with two chains. Apply a high-pass / low-pass filter to each chain, respectively. Then you can use the utility after the low-pass filter to mono the lower frequency part. This also allows you to apply effects of your choice to just the higher frequency parts.

    Turning on/off the rack allows you to quickly A/B the result (check for phasing issues).

    With proper macro assignment, you can also create a one-knob control to select the split frequency (i.e changing both filter's cutoff frequency at the same time)

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  • Amitsegall
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    you can use Mid/side EQ (i think it's simpler and works great in your case) :

    using the EQ8 , select the Mid/side option at the bottom (usually setreo i think)

    then eq the "mid" - eq it the way you like it - effecting only the middle of the signal (mono center) .

    press the "mid" and change it to "side" (same as the utilitiy in 200% - only the sides)

    eq it the way yoy like it ( filter out the lower range to get the effet you want ) and that's it ! - no racks or complex routing - just one simple EQ8 :)

    7 years ago | 2 comments

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