How do I get rid of the crackles after slicing an audio sample on a midi track?


I sliced a sample to a midi track and used 1/4 Note and an own preset for slicing. I've also tried it with the integrated preset...nevertheless I hear a high crackle every time a following midi note in the sliced track is played and I don't know where this crackle comes from.

The audio file itself doesn't contain these crackles and there aren't any effects used in my project so far.

Any suggestions to resolve this "problem" are highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



thelonious.monk 6 years ago | 2 comments

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  • diablo0ne
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    ok my friend who is an audio master showed me the trick. When you are viewing the track in warp view, you have to zoom the magnifying glass all the way in and find a spot where the audio line intersects with the zero line or equator of the track.  If you cut or alter the sample to start/end on the "zero" you will reduce the "pop"..


    ps.. i know that explanation was not thorough, but maybe helpful!

    6 years ago | 0 comments
  • jonnay
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    Another option is to tweak the attack and (maybe) release of the samples.  It likely doesn't need much at all.  This will do a similar thing that diablo0ne suggests, but you're using the sampler/simplers envelope to make sure your sample starts at the zero-line of the sample.

    If you are still getting some clicking even after setting up the attack and release, it could be that your sample is ending before the note-off event and the amplitude of the sample is quite high (or low) causing the pop or snap. 

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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