How do I get Midi Program Change to work in my current set?

I have an Oxygen49 3rd generation keyboard that I'm using to send midi program change cues to my synth vsts in Ableton 9.7.2.  For my current song, the program change buttons are having no effect on the synth vst, it does not change synth patches.  I opened a brand new song, dragged in the same synth vst and the same buttons changed the patches with no problem.  How do I fix my current song to where the synth vsts will receive the program change messages again?  Both songs appear to have the same midi link settings under preferences.


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    I'm fighting the same issue with Live Light.  My most recent revelation (it seems like it's different every time I try to work this out) is that the program changes work when the channel is record enabled, or when monitoring is set to Off or Auto - I can see parameters change on the VSTi as I activate program-change clips.  But if you record-disable the track (because, maybe you don't really want to record everything you're playing?) and set monitoring to In (so you can actually hear what you're playing!) the program changes stop working. So the only way to actually get program changes and hear your playing is to record-enable the track. You could also disable monitoring, change the clip, and re-enable, but it'd probably be easier just to mouse the fxp you want. I'd call this a BUG. Live jamming/hosting is core to why I'm evaluating Live, so I'll be taking another look at Bitwig and even Mixcraft before I drop real money and commit to a platform.  (Maybe the next version of Reaper will have a performance grid?)

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