How do I get Ableton Live to sequence a vintage hardware synth such as the Juno 106?

I am using an Alyseum U3-88c USB3.0 midi interface to control my hardware synths:

I have the Juno 106's midi in/out plugged into the Alyseum's midi in 1 jack.

In MIDI/LINK tab in prefs, under MIDI ports, I have the Alyseum port 1 selected with both TRACK and SYNC turned on.

Then on the actual Midi Track I have MIDI from/to set to the Alyseum.

So far I am able to use the Juno 106 as a midi controller just fine, but for the life of me I am unable to get Ableton to send any midi notes to the Juno 106. I cannot sequence it.

Thanks for any suggestions.





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    I solved this problem myself actually. The problem is not with Ableton, it's with OSX. You must open the MIDI Monitor application and Audio MIDI Setup application with MIDI Studio window open on your Mac to get OSX to recognize the Midi devices you have connected. You can follow these instructions here:



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