How do I get 20 ins and 20 outs with Echo Audiofire Pre8 & Audiofire 12 ?

Hello Team,
I have my Echo Audiofire 12 synched to Word Clock on my Echo Audiofire Pre 8 and the pre 8 is synched to internal. these are chained together via firewire and the output firewire is from the Pre 8 to my macbook pro. The problem I'm having is that I can only choose one or the other in inputs and outputs, not use both simultaneously to have 20 ins and 20 outs. I can only have Pre 8 in or Audiofire 12 in. How do I get it to be 20 ins and 20 outs? I've tried emailing support at Echo, but no response. I'm not sure that they support anymore...
Please help me out. I'm dying here :) 
-Nate OnEarth

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frendn8 3 years ago | 0 comments

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