How do i delete pitch automation from my midi controller?

Hi i'm using an mpk 49 controller with live 8 and i was playing some notes while recording and i started playing with the pitch wheel while i was experimenting. I really like what i was playing except the pitch automation. How do i delete just the pitch automation in live? 

I have done a basic filter sweep that i have found easily enough in the arrange page but i just can't find the pitch automation from my midi controller. please help




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    Hi there,


    you can find recorded pitch bend information among the Clip envelopes. Simply activate the envelope section in the Clip details and select "MIDI Ctrl" in the Device Chooser, then "Pitch Bend" in the Control Chooser - it should be the first available entry. 


    You can then delete the envelope by simply selecting it and hitting the Del or the Backspace key. 




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