How do I deactivate the default settings of a MIDI controller, such as an MPD24?

For example, the pads on the MPD24 are automatically assigned to a drum rack.  I want to be able to map those pads as I choose.


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    pads on a controller usually send MIDI note values, not CC values. The note values can be mapped to parameters as well, but an instrument like the Drum Rack will always respond to the notes by playing them when it receives them, no matter what else the note values are assigned to. 


    To be sure, one thing you can do is determine which pads on the Drum Racks respond to which notes - you can select this if, on the Drum Rack, you first expand the Chain List and then show the Input/Output section. But if you don't want to the Drum Rack to respond to the pads at all, the best idea is probably to simply unarm the track, or turn Monitoring off. 

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