How do I cut a midi note in half?

In Cubase you can easily cut a MIDI note in half or just keep chopping it up as you please. How can I do this in Live?


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  • TempoMachTwenty
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    Hey, unfortunately, in Ableton, as far as I have tried doing this, there is no way to cut a note in half. I am a heavy cubase user as well and in cubase, you have a scissor tool to do that but not in least yet.

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  • romulopierotti
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     You can only double or divide the note tempo.Just highlight the note you want to cut and in the "Notes" box click on play at double tempo (:2 icon).

    Unfortunately you can't cut in the same way as Cubase and FL. You'll have to  resize and duplicate the note.

    In the quantization box you got the option to adjust only the and of the notes, this way you can quantize all the notes you want and then duplicate it.

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  • Matt2456
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    press the shrink button and duplicate it

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