how do i control the intensity of the knobs on my midi controller?

Hello fellow ableton users! :)

I have a question: I'm using ableton live 8 and a Korg microKontrol keyboard. I have been assigning parameters such as the cutoff value to the knobs. However, now i have to turn the whole know about 5 times all the way around in order to get from the lowest to the highest cutoff setting, whereas I would like to change the whole scope of cutoff settings by just turning the knob around once. I would like to change the intensity of the fader, so to speak. Is this something you have to change within the midikeyboard (i couldn't find any information on that in the manual) or do you do that somewhere in live?


Your help would be greatly apprectiated!

All the best from Cologne, Germany,





Misterkeys99 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • simplyunique
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    You can fix that by going to preferences: Midi: Value Scaling to Take Over mode.

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  • fidelitarean
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    When in MIDI map mode a menu will appear at the very bottom of the Live window with a drop down menu allowing you to select different mapping methods. Default is "Absolute" but you may find one of the other 9 choices suitable. Perhaps one of the "Relative" settings will be appropriate.

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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